Omega 3 Fish Oil Side Effects

Omega 3 fish oil side effects are not insignificant compared to the great number of benefits they have. Omega 3s found in fish oil supplements are crucial for proper brain functioning and its development. They also prevents many types of cancers, heart diseases, depression and diabetes. There aren’t any particular side effects associated with Omega 3 fatty acids, in fact, up to 3 grams per day are regarded as safe, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. However, if you over-dose it for an extended period of time, the following side effects may occur:

1. Risk of bleeding

Omega 3Fish Oil Side Effects

Omega 3Fish Oil Side Effects

Although no substantial evidence of how much over dosing is required for an increased risk of bleeding, it should still be avoided. The reason behind this is that Omega 3 fatty acids break down blood clots and prevent clumped up platelets, which is actually a good thing, but upon over dosing, this could cause nose bleeds, blood in urine and a hemorrhagic stroke.
2. High consumption of toxins
Some types of fish contain toxins such as PCBs, dioxin and methyl mercury. If your omega 3 fatty acid’s intake is chiefly through fish meat and you eat a lot of it, only then it could be a problem. The fish oil supplements are typically filtered and do not contain such contaminations that come direct from the meat.
3. Minor decline in the blood pressure
Those who often encounter low blood pressure and people taking medications for lowering the blood pressure should keep in mind that Omega 3 fatty acids effect the blood pressure. The higher the amount of Omega 3s, the lower the blood pressure.
4. Allergies
People who are allergic to fish may also have allergies with Omega 3 fatty acids such as swelling, hives, skin rashes, difficulty in breathing and itching.
5. Stomach upset
People allergic to fish oils can sometimes get diarrhea from Omega 3s, and a high fish oil dosage can worsen it. Some people also encounter other problems like bad breath, indigestion, acid reflux, bloating, heartburn, burping and an unpleasant aftertaste in mouth.
6. Cholesterol level
There could be a 5 to 10% increase in the bad cholesterol level in case of over dose of fish oil. However, that amount of bad cholesterol is insignificant if you take into accounts the Omega 3 fish oil benefits.
7. Upper respiratory tract problems

Some patients report swelling of their upper respiratory problem. However, that is not a very rare symptom and may relate to other issues rather than Omega 3s.

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