Fish Oil Supplements

Omega 3 fish oil supplements are scientifically proven to keep our bodies at optimum health. But which fish oil supplements are the best and what are the known Omega 3 fish oil side effects?

Fish Oil Supplements

Fish Oil Supplements

The richest sources of Omega 3 come from fish oil, however there are eight components to the fish oil family. Various species of fish that make up the oils we use as supplements are healthier than others and some contain toxins that we need to be aware of. Fish oil supplements can host labels that aren’t specific about which particular species of fish the oil is derived from. Ensure the label specifies the type of fish the supplement comes from.

Search for the oils that have labels explaining the method of removing the oils and vitamins, such as the technique of pressing the fish oil. Vitamins A and D should be inclusive in the oil as well.

The elements included in the Omega 3 fish oil family are ALA, DHA, DPA, ETA(3), SDA, HPA, ETA, AND EPA. The supplements taken should contain all eight of these Omega 3 fatty acids in a balanced ratio. Ensure there are no oils or other ingredients that may seem strange in the supplement chosen. Fillers or added ingredients are products that are adding more than the required oils.

Benefits of taking the Omega 3 fish oil supplements are found to play a positive role in reducing the risk of a heart attack, fighting off anxiety issues, depression is less frequent and it can even lower blood pressure. The fatty-acid helps the heart and other previous listed ailments although the body does not manufacture this oil by itself.

Taking the correct fish oil dosage maintains the nutritional needs of the body, yet doesn’t produce serious side effects except for those who may be allergic to shellfish. If taking a high dosage of Omega 3 fish oil, the side effects produced have been bad breath, rash, nausea, and heartburn. Nosebleeds can occur for those taking any amounts over the suggested 3 grams. Fish oils that are either contaminated, or derived from the liver of fishes, such as cod liver oil are considered medically unsafe.

Molecularly distilled fish oil supplements can remove toxins, such as mercury, from fish. This technique can remove poisons and pollutants such as mercury, other metals and PCB’s.

While Omega 3 fish oil benefits far outweigh the Omega 3 fish oil side effects, carefully reading the ingredients listed on the label is vital to getting the best from the supplements. Choose from those supplements that do not contain chemicals, additional ingredients, artificial colorings and any flavorings.

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